" Please can I take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with Ollie's lessons. Michael makes it fun and challenging every week and Ollie's confidence in the water has really improved since joining little fish. Thank you to the great team "

" Thank you Isabelle would like to continue with her lessons with Tina.. She is a brilliant teacher Isabelle's swimming has come on really well. "

" Hi, just a quick email to confirm that Sonny & Willow will be rebooking for the next term. We are really pleased with their swimming progress and their swimming instructor is brilliant ?? Many thanks "


" Thank you again for your continued support of Cara's swimming. Little fish, and everyone we've encountered associated with little fish, is just brilliant! "

" Yes it's time for James to move on. I'm quite sad about it - Little Fish have been teaching him since he was 2!! James has had the best swimming teachers we could have asked for, and watching get a silver medal at the recent Henleaze Championships was a very proud moment. Thank you to all at Little Fish "

Lorraine x

" Sarah has taught Mae to swim SO beautifully. When I think of the frightened little girl I first brought to Sarah 3 years ago - she would hardly dip her toe in the water, I couldn't have hoped for such a graceful swimmer to emerge. Sarah is truly a brilliant swimming teacher. I have introduced friends to her classes and will continue to do so long after we've gone. "

" Thank you everyone at Little Fish for helping Ada become a great swimmer. She is now at her school's swim squad. Specially to Gabi for being very helpful, flexible and accommodating each learner's needs on multiple occasions over the years. Gabi provided private lessons for my husband and lessons for our two daughters at different stages. Younger one is still enjoying her sessions at Little Fish. We know how Little Fish is for a 6 weeks old baby, a toddler, an older child and for an adult.Being a good swimmer myself, I am particularly happy with the conscientious standards on swimming techniques. One of the best children's activity providers in Bristol. "

" I want to thank you for not only teaching our children how to swim, and how to be safe in and around the water, but also for instilling a love of swimming in them. It was nearly eleven years ago when we met Gabi, who was our first Waterbabies teacher. Gabi, it has been such a pleasure to watch you go from strength to strength as you have built up Little Fish into the major enterprise it is today, and we have always been delighted to be a part of it! We wish everyone at Little Fish the very best for the future, and we look forward to seeing you in and around Bristol in the years ahead (and over the next couple of months on Saturdays at Badminton, anyway). With best wishes, "

Tamar, Jonathan, Michael and Rebecca

" Many thanks for your dedication and kindness that you and your team have given during our time with Little Fish. We are grateful for you and the teachers and we have been amazed at the progress and confidence they now have. They both have a strong precise style on which to build if they choose to in the future. Thank you. We have recommended Little Fish to others and will be sure to continue to do so. Thanks again, Kind Regards "

Imogen & Simon

" I just wanted you to know that Lucy has just had the best swimming lesson for about the last year! She started off a little unsure but within minutes Chris had her swimming and sit diving back in. I should have changed to you months ago! Thanks Gabi "


" Yes it is true, Molly decided she wanted to try out for the Henleaze club and she was accepted. It is credit to Little Fish that she firstly has the confidence to even think she is good enough for club swimming and secondly that she has the ability to go for such an application.

Since she started with Little Fish her confidence has done nothing but grow. You must congratulate yourselves on another fantastic achievement in terms of swimming technique and ability teamed with confidence and pride. Well done. We have nothing but pleasure and pride in how you have helped her develop as a swimmer over the period of time with no rush and absolutely no pressure. Thank you very much. "

Sarah 2014

" I would like to say a huge thank you to and the team for giving my three kids the best start possible with their swimming. I have been bringing my kids to little fish for the past 6 years and each child has enjoyed every moment and thrived. All your teachers have been brilliant, friendly and patient keeping a balance between fun and teaching life skills. Bethan will miss seeing Tina next year and I wish her well. "

" Just want to say a huge thank you to Liz.. Today was Ruby & Archie's first swimming lesson ever- Liz is a natural and the children warmed to her instantly, they were distraught when it was over! The three of us are so looking forward to next week and the many years ahead with Little Fish Swim School. Thank you! :) "

" Our association with Little Fish has been lengthy and fabulous. And we will all treasure it. "

Anna and Stephen, Bristol

" Joshua swims with Maria at Hilton Bristol on Tuesdays. We are completely delighted with her lessons and would like to continue next term. Joshua has changed from shaking and crying all the way to swimming, to being excited and adventurous and really pleased when it's a swimming day. So huge thanks to Maria for the fantastic progress so far! She has been absolutely lovely with him.
Many thanks "


" In relation to your customer service, I'd like to say thanks so much. It's not often that companies accommodate specific needs, and I commend you on the high value you place on your customers. I will continue to recommend Little Fish and your team as an exceptional school and one that treats the customer with extra special attention.
Little Fish is definitely a world class organisation with the little ones best interest at heart. "

Vicky, Bristol

" Once again thank you for listening to my comments and for changing the lessons. It is refreshing to be in a group which listens to the students and does what is best for them. This also goes for the individual and tailor made tuition for each child in the group, depending on their ability and mind set of the day!! "

Michelle, Weston-Super-Mare

" Whilst writing I would just like to say that Harry is really enjoying his swimming lessons. He says he wishes he could go to his new swimming lessons every day. Jo must be doing a super job! "

Yvette, Bristol

" We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Reuben is loving his lessons, that we are really impressed with his progress and we all think Linda is such a great teacher. "

Jay, Bristol

" Just to say a big thank you and the team for Dominic's progress, he has come on tremendously from where he started and we have been very pleased with Little Fish. We will continue to spread the word "

Anne, Bristol

" She has had a great time with Little Fish - thank you, your mum and dad and your lovely team. "

Jo, Bristol

" I wanted to let you know what a truly special time it was at Elsie's 1st Little fish lesson. It is such a great set up with the most amazing, positive swimming coaches. Elsie was understandably apprehensive at the lead up to her lesson but within seconds of being introduced to her teacher she was relaxed and very happy. It was a joy to watch and observe the energetic and warm interactions.

Thank you "

Hettie, Bristol

" Would just like to say Well done to Sam...My Daughter Lauren had been having lessons at Hutton Moor for 8 months with no real progress. She has had just 3 lessons with Little Fish and actually swam a width unaided today... she did put her feet down a couple of times but she was swimming all the same. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! "

Nicola, Weston-Super-Mare

" I just wanted to say that we are sooooo delighted with the progress all the children have made this year! All of your teachers are just fab! They know how to instil the confidence and know each of their capabilities so well. And we look forward to returning in September for another great year. "

Libby, North Somerset

" I think you are doing a great job and Max really enjoyed his lessons at Badminton and all the kids seemed really happy and relaxed as well. "

Claudia, Bristol

" Shrivats had his last swimming lesson today.Its been a wonderful journey with little fish who transformed Shrivats from a boy who screamed during his initial lessons in Bath to a confident swimmer today.Thanks to all the teachers who have been part of this wonderful journey.A special thanks to Andy ,we think he has done a fab job.I am sure Shrivats will miss him.

Thank You Little fish "

Giridhar and Ganga, Bristol

" I just wanted to say a big thank you, for the excellent class that Bela comes along to. Her confidence has flown since starting her lessons with Harry. She really looks forward to coming. Please pass on my thanks for such a great class to Harry.

Thanks again. "

Bron, Bristol